How Do Dating Apps Make Money: Monetization Strategy

Choosing the right app development company with an immersive portfolio of social media apps is advisable. One must also remember that the hourly cost of the organization’s developers will vary per the company’s location. Outsourcing your development work to a dedicated mobile app development company can save time and money. In exchange for their expertise and experience, you’ll have to pay a premium rate compared to freelancers. As a dating app or website owner, you partner with affiliate networks instead of a specific product or service company. As an affiliate marketer, you need to create a compelling dating platform and attract a solid, consistent user base to sell ads.

It uses a match percentage calculator to find dates for its users. It works simply by finding and matching users with similar search preferences and answers to questions both have in common. The pandemic is nearing its end (seems so) which means people will soon start to meet their online dates in real life. Though the impact of pandemics would still be seen in people’s habits and behavior.

Disadvantage of the crowdfunding model
These are thousands of applicants and can become very difficult to be crowdfunded. It is necessary to show the value of the product and that idea that is worth taking a risk and investing. Another example of a freemium app model is MX Player, a well-known video player on Google Play with ads for the free version. MX Player Pro is offered as the ad-free version for a small charge.

Video chat and video calls are the features a new-gen dating app must-have. Though we have mentioned a few ways dating apps make money in the previous section, let’s delve a little deeper to understand better. Leading from the front and making the most out of the dating app business model are the newer apps popular for casual dating, Bumble, Hinge, and Tinder.

User comfort is your guarantee for high loyalty to your brand, customer retention, and stable revenue. The final cost of the dating app development depends on the development hours and hourly rate. Running a dating app based on the use of artificial intelligence provides you with infinite possibilities for features development. Your application can https://datingupdates.org/magnet-review/ provide users with recommendations on how to spend their first date based on interests, location, visited places, and other information that characterizes them. When you build a dating app, the messaging feature should become your number one priority. Regardless of the matching algorithms you use, the next step is direct communication between users.

In-app purchases and a premium subscription feature are more expensive to build than up-front, one-time fees. However, there’s typically more revenue in subscriptions than up-front fees. Social log-in saves a lot of time for users, but it adds extra steps to the app development process like integrating a Facebook authorization engine. Another aspect of dating apps like Tinder is the ability to register and sign in using Facebook or other top social networking apps.

In-App Purchases

Their popularity seemed to know no bounds and as such, users demanded more and more options when it came to the types of apps that they wanted. Everything from gaming to shopping, including their favourite brands led to a steep rise in the apps on offer to users. Another option to make your app more engaging is to offer third-party services like booking or taxi service, so the users can plan a date without leaving the app. One important point to consider before investing in in-app purchases is the way they will enhance user experience.


In this policy, you can allow all the companies that sell related products to dating services to post their content in your dating app. An effective way to make money on a dating app is by integrating a service that allows users to choose attractive gifts for their date and send them directly. Many restaurant owners who have developed their own restaurant app are promoting their business through dating apps as it is the best place where their audience lies. Advertisement on the dating app is also a very profitable option to generate profit for your services. You can integrate different ad formats in your dating app like banners, interstitial ads, native ads, video ads, etc.

Supports that mutual interests, hobbies, and views play a significant role during matching. For instance, in its IPO, Bumble listed among their risks, the prospect of being “severely affected” by “negative reports or publicity” given their self-purported feminist mission as a company. All the while, making a product that’s effective but that doesn’t shuttle people off the app too quickly.

This method will ultimately help you to earn more money by dating app. Dating brings a lot of positive emotions, but it’s important to keep your safety in mind. We have prepared 10 online dating safety tips for you so that you feel relaxed when meeting a stranger. Online dating becomes part of modern culture and our life with its globalization.

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